Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The melody in our hearts - blurb

So, as you might have guessed, I've decided to self-publish my manuscript, as queries seemed too hard a task for me; well, if I consider myself a writer - and I do - then writing shouldn't be such a big deal, should it? Still, queries were a real nightmare, and since you can't get an agent without a proper query, I decided I'd self publish, and maybe this would become my query letter if an agent happened to find my book on amazon.

Well, when I decided to self-publish, I really didn't think it would be such a tough work...I mean, all I had to do was revise the manuscript (check), find an editor (check), choose a nice image for the cover (check) and upload the file (check-sort of). What I didn't realize was that this is far from easy if you don't live in the United States but you want to use an American publisher - and right now I don't really need another excuse for wanting to leave my country... Still, I'm not quite close to giving up (yet) and I'm almost finished with the self-publishing process so I thought I'd share the official blurb with you, fellow readers and fellow writers, and I do hope you'll be so kind as to leave a feedback. I'd really love to know if you'd contemplate buying a book after reading this blurb on its back cover.

Thank you for your time!

Here it is:

Doctor Valerie Fogarty studied hard to become a competent surgeon, but losing a patient during an operation made her throw everything out the window and now she can't set foot into an operating room anymore. Until her best friend Ryan is brought into the ER on a stretcher, fighting for his life after a terrible car accident and she’s the only one who can save him. Meeting him as a teenager in their hometown in Ireland was the turning point in her life and she knows she will never be able to live without him. Will her determination and skills be enough to save Ryan's life?

Jazz Star Ryan Wyler grew up in Dublin, with a dream of becoming a professional pianist and continuing the legacy of his musical hero, Frank Sinatra.  When opportunity knocks and  he's offered the chance to pursue a real music career, he's happy to accept it, unaware that what he's actually accepting is a package deal he will have no control over. But when success keeps him away from Valerie, his best friend since adolescence, Ryan will have to question his choices.

A story about the value of true friendship, the power of dreams, and the unpredictability of love.


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