Saturday, January 26, 2013

Book review: The Selkie spell - by Sophie Moss

I love Ireland. There’s something about that country that stole my heart the first time I set foot on its soil, and it kept it hostage when I left. Yes, I left my heart hidden somewhere at the end of the rainbow, near the pot of gold leprechauns are guarding – and I’m going back to claim it, one day. It’s a promise.

Imagine how I felt when I read the synopsis of The Selkie Spell and found it was set on an Irish island, in the middle of nowhere, exactly where I’d love to move to and live…I couldn’t wait to start reading it!

I’ve never considered myself a lover of paranormal or, like I said in another review, of fantasy, but this is not the usual paranormal story or, if it is, maybe I loved it because the setting and the Irish myths are very dear to me and to my heart, and the paranormal element didn’t bother me! Whatever the reason, I started reading it over the weekend and I had to force myself away from the book, simply because I didn’t want it to be over and I didn’t want to go back to my dull world, away from Seal Island and…well, from Dominic. :-)

So, here's what the book is about. Modern life mingles with myth, when American tourist Tara Moore sets foot on Seal Island, a small isle in the Atlantic Ocean, off the Irish coast. She says she’s looking for a summer job in the local pub, but somehow the pub owner, Dominic O’Sullivan, isn’t fooled. He knows there’s something she’s hiding, and he doesn’t want her anywhere near his eight-year-old daughter; but his best friend Caitlin forces him to give the woman a chance and so he hires her in the end.

What Tara doesn’t know is that the isle has a history she will involuntarily become part of: legend has it the Selkies, magical creatures who can shed their seal pelt and turn into women at night, live in the sea surrounding the island; many years before, one of them was captured by a man, who hid her pelt and claimed her as his own, and her spirit is now trapped on the isle and can only be set free by her descendent.
When Tara starts to let down her defenses, and Dominic stops looking at her with wary eyes, things start to change. Until Tara’s past comes hunting her and their lives are in danger.

The Selkie Spell is the first of a trilogy, and it will hook you from chapter one. It’s a real page turner, and it will make you want to pack up and go to Seal Island, just to breathe the salty air, hear the waves crashing on the rocks, walk up the cliffs and look down at the seals swimming in the sea.
At least that’s the effect it had on me – but maybe I’m biased because, deep down, I think there’s a good chance my ancestors were Irish, or even leprechauns, so maybe that’s why this book kept me glued to my Kindle. :-)

PS there are a couple of sex scenes - just so you know.

Have you read "The Selkie spell" already? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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