Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Book review: Finding Home by Aine Kelley

As part of the blog tour (in my previous blog) I was given a copy of the book in exchange for a review. 

Finding home is the story of Ben and Sam, both broken-hearted, although for different reasons, and it’s a quest to learn to love again.

Since Sam’s boyfriend cheated on her, she’s created a life plan to safeguard her heart: no more men, no more relationships, no more heartbreaks. What she didn’t expect was to fall for her roommate’s brother, by simply talking to him on the phone.

Ben lost his fiancée in a tragic car accident, which he feels responsible of, and guilt has been crushing him for over two years. Heartbroken, he can’t seem to be able to get over Beth and what they shared, and he’s living life as if he didn’t deserve to love and be loved anymore. Speaking on the phone with his sister’s roommate, Sam, is the only thing that helps bring a smile on his face.

When Ben and Sam finally meet, the attraction between them is instant, although neither of them can understand how this happened.

I loved the chemistry between the two of them and the way they connected straight away; although they’d never met before, I believe it is possible to fall for a person you’ve only talked over the phone to, probably because it’s easier to open your heart to a stranger you’ve never met before.

I liked Ben from the very beginning and I liked reading the story from his point of view too, because it gave me a deeper understanding of his feelings and thoughts. My heart broke for him; the guilt for the accident and for losing Beth is still haunting him, and so is his love for her. At the same time, though, he’s starting to feel something strong for Sam and he doesn’t know whether he can open his heart to her and love again. The struggle lasts throughout the book and it’s what kept me wanting to read on, especially since the prologue starts with Sam waiting for Ben at the airport, hoping he’ll stop her from leaving, and we don’t get to know what happens until almost the end of the book.

I liked most of the story, even though at some point the way they kept changing their minds about whether or not they wanted to be together (especially Ben) drove me crazy. The night of the ball I really wished someone would slap Ben’s handsome face, because he was really acting like a child.

The story was an enjoyable quick read, and there were some emotional parts that touched my heart. However, I could not feel a connection with Sam and I guess this didn’t help me enjoy the story as much as I was hoping to. The story started out strong and hooked me, but then it lost me halfway through it. I kept reading because I really wanted to know if Ben would finally open his heart and let Sam in; I felt he deserved a happy ending after all he’d been through. Ben is what kept me glued to the pages, because he’s a sweetheart and I really liked him.

I’m sorry I cannot rate this book higher, but somehow it didn’t have a “wow factor” for me. It’s a good story and a nice, emotional romance, but I guess not being able to feel a connection with Sam made me lose some of the interest I had when I started reading it.

Nevertheless, even though some parts didn’t work too well for me, I can’t say I didn’t like the story, because it’s nice. I think you should give this book a chance because they writing is good, the plot is strong and quite emotional in some parts, and Ben is a sweetheart. :)

Have you read Finding Home already? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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