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Book review: Give Me Love by Kate McCarthy

If you’ve been following my blog for a while, you’ll probably remember me singing (or rather writing) the praises of Kate McCarthy’s latest book, Fighting Redemption. I discovered her totally by chance and Fighting Redemption was the first book I’ve read. However, she had two more books before that, which are part of a trilogy and I recently decided to give them a chance, so I picked the first book, Give Me Love. When you suffer from a book hangover, like I did for Fighting Redemption, it’s hard to forget those characters and connect with the new ones; you can’t help comparing them. You can guess I was a little biased and thought I’d never be able to connect with Evie and Jared (the main characters in Give Me Love) the way I did with Finn and Ryan. So I started reading with a very critical eye, thinking I didn’t quite like the way Evie acted, especially with men; Mac, Henry and the Rice Bubbles made up for that though, and I decided to give Evie a chance. I’m glad I did, because once I understood the reasons behind her attitude, I immediately warmed toward her and I was glued to the pages, wishing I didn’t have to put down my Kindle to eat, sleep or go to work. I loved that for once it's actually the heroine being a badass rockstar; with all these books about the bad boy rockstar with the heroine falling at his feet I was starting to think it was a men's world out there. I didn't mind all the cursing found throughout the book, because it actually went with the characters so I actually found it rather amusing. In other books I may have found it annoying, because it didn't add up with the story, but in this book it's just how it needs to be. I mean, they're a rock band and badass cops and P.I.s, right? Who would expect them to go around shouting "Whoopsy daisy" or "Goodness me"? Now that would make for a rather unreal book! :)

Let me recap the story for you: Evie is the lead singer in an Australian rock band hoping to walk through the doors of stardom kingdom. Her father walked out on them (her mother and older brother Coby who, by the way, is absolutely HOT!) when she was little, then her mother died in a car accident the day before Evie’s 16th birthday, so she started doing reckless things like dating crazy guys and numbing the pain with alcohol, until Coby – after a crazy party turned out wrong – manages to bring her back to the right side of the tracks. We only get to know this through dialogues and storytelling on Evie’s side, because the story actually starts when she’s 24 and getting ready for a show. That’s when we’re introduced to all the members of the band, including Mac, her best friend and band manager, who’s Jared’s little sister. Now, Jared. He’s absolutely AWESOME. He’s a badass sort of P.I. working with Coby, but he’s also so sweet he made my heart melt most of the time. He had me at the first “baby” he said to Evie. They start out as friends, but the attraction is strong from the very beginning and as the story unfolds, their fight is useless and they can’t help but surrender to the feeling. So you’ll think it’s a bed of roses kind of story, right? Wrong. Their relationship will have to go through serious tests, including life-threatening events, that will keep you on the edge of your seats until the very last page (there were some parts that made me gasp in fear - and I thought this was absolutely brilliant!).

Although, like I said, I started off a bit slow because I didn’t know what to expect, once I got rid of my “prejudices” if you can call them so, I got so engrossed in the story I didn’t want to put my Kindle down.
I loved the chemistry between Jared and Evie; it was so strong and captivating, it jumped right out of the pages. Although there were sex scenes, I liked that they weren’t graphic. They were hot and romantic at the same time, and this helped me enjoy the book a lot more than if the author had written pages on what happened down to the smallest detail. This proves my theory that leaving it to the reader’s imagination makes it feels more like a romance book than erotica, yet it can still be engaging while keeping the focus on the main story. I know I sound like a prude but sometimes I still find myself skipping whole pages of sex scenes just because they’re so long they’ll make me lose the plot completely if I read them all. I guess it’s because I’m more the romantic kind of reader.
Kate managed to make the romance between them quite hot, without the need of long, boring sex scenes. Kudos for that, Kate!

There are some amazing side characters: Mac, Henry, the Rice Bubbles, Coby, Travis, Mitch, Casey and even Tim (I totally LOVED Tim from the minute he entered the scene – I wish he were my best friend and we could go shopping together!) and they helped make the story even more entertaining and somehow captivating. I’m so glad that Kate decided to write full novels about some of them (book 2, Give Me Strength, is about Travis – HOT! – and Quinn, the new band manager assistant; book 3 will be about Casey – SUPER HOT! He’s described as Jensen Ackles so well, who can turn a blind eye to that?). I’m keeping my fingers crossed, hoping she’ll actually decide to write a book for each one of them because they’re all fantastic characters who deserve the spotlight just as much as Jared and Evie did.

My only complaint is: I wish the book had been written in third person POV so we would've gotten to see Jared's side of the story. He's totally LOVABLE and I would've loved to read how he felt. Besides, Kate is one of the few authors who can master the third person POV storytelling, so I have no doubt the book would've been just as engrossing, even in third person POV.

After reading yet another book set in Australia, I’m honestly thinking about moving there. It sounds like such an amazing place to live in and, if all Aussie men are like the ones described in Kate’s books, well I guess I may just end up meeting my Prince Charming dreamed into life! :-)

Kate McCarthy climbed the chart of my all-time favorite authors with Fighting Redemption and she’s definitely keeping her spot there thanks to the Give Me series. I can’t wait to read more from her. You have a fan here in Italy, Kate! *waves frantically*

Have you read Give Me Love already? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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