Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Book review: Winged Decision by Heather Allen Dencker

Winged Decision is the second book in the Winged Series by fellow indie author Heather Allen Dencker. I was lucky to be a beta reader for this story, but I've realized I'd totally forgotten to write a review. I told myself I'd wait until the book was out on the shelves and then I got busy writing 3 books in only a few months and it completely slipped my mind. My apologies, both to you, followers, and to the author. :)

If you’ve read my review of book one, Winged Descent, you know how much I loved this story, even though I never considered Fantasy my cup of tea. Well, this proves my point that if you put a sprinkle of romance in whatever genre, you’ve got my attention.

While book one is the story of how Kendrick and Savannah met and eventually fell in love, Winged Decision is a prequel to the whole story and it’s almost entirely told in Kendrick’s POV. It’s the story of Kendrick’s life on Centaura, of how he and Norana fell in love and how they all came to the decision of flying to Earth to look for partners.

I have to admit that Norana wasn’t my favourite character in book one, but seeing how things got to that point helped me warm up to her. She’s a strong and loving character, whose dreams of Happy Ever After were shattered in a matter of minutes. Even so, she loves Kendrick enough to accept his decision and follow his lead, even though she’s not happy with the outcome. Just like every centauran, she’s willing to take a step back and selflessly think of what’s good for the whole community, even though it means she’ll be heartbroken afterwards.

I loved reading the story through Kendrick’s POV; it gave me a better insight into the reasons why he had to take the decision to go to Earth even though he was so in love with Norana. I could feel the burden of responsibilities on his shoulders, his pain and indecision and I liked him even more than I did in book one.
I’m happy we got to meet Kendrick’s family, since in book one we only get to hear about them through Kendrick’s chats with Savannah.

Even though there was a little too much fighting and I’m not a fan of that, (but hey, Kendrick’s the leader of the army, after all!) I enjoyed the other parts, especially the romantic ones (but that goes without saying, right?). I actually loved getting to know more about Kendrick’s planet and people, and I think Heather was great at creating that world and describing everything as if she’d actually seen it all. I liked it so much that at times I found myself wishing Centaura really existed, and that a handsome winged centaur would fly down to Earth and take me with him back to his planet.

Although Winged Descent is still my favourite between the two, I enjoyed reading this prequel and I would recommend it to lovers of fantasy and of romantic stories.

Have you read Winged Decision already? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.


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