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Book review: Coming Home by Priscilla Glenn

If you’ve read my previous reviews, you know I’m a fan of Priscilla Glenn’s books. She captured my heart with Back To You (read my review here) and Emancipating Andie (read my review here) so I was pretty sure I would end up falling in love with her new book too. After the third book I can say without any trace of doubt that I would buy Priscilla’s books even without reading the blurb or knowing what the book's about. She’s that good.

I read Coming Home in March and I was so overwhelmed and so hung over that I decided to wait a few days before writing my review. Then I got busy with the final edits for Hold On To Love and it totally slipped my mind. But I want to write this review and share it with my followers because, if you haven’t read any of Priscilla Glenn’s books, I think it’s time you one-clicked and got to know the amazing stories she creates.

Coming Home is a fantastic book. It’s a story of loss, of grief, of redemption and of learning to trust and love again. It's one of those books you can't put down but at the same time you wish would never end.

Leah and Danny meet by chance when Leah stops by her childhood house, that now belongs to Danny’s Gram. Their meet-cute is actually rather funny and I immediately liked Danny the moment he entered the scene. For a twist of fate, they’re forced to meet again and, even though they both feel attraction for the other, they convince themselves they can’t see each other again. Obviously, their plan doesn’t work and as they start getting closer, things start getting complicated because Danny has a secret, a secret that Priscilla keeps well hidden until at least half of the book and that kept me on the edge of my seat while I was trying to guess what it could be. When the secret is uncovered (and believe me, I did not see it coming!) Leah’s life is turned upside down but will their love be strong enough to survive or will Danny’s secret bring both of them down into the depth of despair? For obvious reasons I will not tell you what happens and won’t write a detailed synopsis – if you want to know what his secret is and what happens to them, you’ll have to read the book! :)

Talking about the characters, well, Priscilla has a way of creating them and making them feel real, with their good qualities and their flaws, that will make you feel like you’re with them, in their heads, feel what they feel, suffer with them, laugh with them and you end up feeling as if you actually knew them.

Leah, just like all of Priscilla’s heroines, is AWESOME. Seriously, she’s strong and independent, yet she’s fragile and insecure, she’s scared of falling in love yet she can’t fight the feelings for Danny. Every heroine in Priscilla’s books is someone I wish were my best friend and Leah joins the team with Lauren and Andie. It’s hard to really like a heroine in a romance, since it’s so much easier to fall for the hero that most of the time I end up not caring too much what happens to the heroine. But you can’t help loving Leah and root for her to get her happy ending.
Despite all the curve balls life threw at her, Leah is still going strong, she’s still fighting for what she believes in, she’s there for her father and for her siblings and when Danny’s secret is revealed, she takes the blow but keeps standing and decides to fight fate.

Danny. He would deserve so much more than a few lines in my review. He would actually deserve a whole post just for him. He’s simply adorable. He’s an amazing book boyfriend. He’s handsome, funny, cocky, strong and the way he cares about Gram is just so touching it will make your heart melt. I found myself laughing, swooning, screaming at him and then falling in love with him over and over again. And crying. Yes, I did shed a few tears at some point, but I won’t say when. If you read it, I’m sure you will too.

What I love about Priscilla’s books is that, unlike many other authors, she doesn’t use major drama or angst, nor she resorts to the use of long, detailed sex scenes to keep the readers hooked. What captures the reader from page one and takes her on a wonderful journey until the very last page are emotions. Emotions are strong and vivid; they’re so real you’ll be able to feel them seep through your pores and slowly crawl through your veins until they reach your heart and envelope it in a warm hug.

When I start a new book by Priscilla Glenn, I brace myself for an emotional journey that will make me laugh, swoon, cry and I know that the story will stay with me long after I’ve reached the last page. Coming Home was no exception. I couldn’t get over it. I couldn’t stop thinking of Danny and Leah, wondering what happened next, hoping Priscilla would write a sequel – just like every time I finish one of her books.

I strongly recommend this book to everyone and I will never stop praising Priscilla’s talent. Seriously, if you haven’t read any of her books, you should log on to Amazon now and treat yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you read Coming Home already? Leave a comment and let me know what you thought of it.

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