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Blog tour: Enemies On Tap by Avery Flynn

Enemies on Tap
Sweet Salvation Brewery #1
By: Avery Flynn
Releasing July 14th, 2014
Entangled: Indulgence

Brewing up trouble one pint at a time.


What’s a girl to do when the only person who can help her is the man who betrayed her? After years away, Miranda returns to Salvation, Virginia to save her family’s brewery, but her fate is in the hands of her first lover turned enemy, Logan Martin.


Logan, Salvation’s de facto prince, can’t believe his luck when the woman who smashed his heart to smithereens walks into his bank asking for his help. What she doesn’t know is he needs the land her brewery is on. When she tempts him with a bet—if she wins, he gives her the loan; if he wins, she forfeits the land—he knows it’s a sure thing.

An Irresistible Combination

But soon it’s a battle between their attraction for each other and their determination to win, and it’s in each other’s arms that they realize there might be more at stake now than the bet. With the town dead set against the Sweet Salvation Brewery’s success, Logan has to choose between what’s expected of him and what he really wants—even if helping Miranda means she’ll run out of his life once again. 

Avery Flynn has three slightly-wild children, loves a hockey-addicted husband and is desperately hoping someone invents the coffee IV drip. 

Today I’m hosting in the Indie Author Interview Corner a romance author. Dear readers, please welcome Avery Flynn, author of “Enemies On Tap”.

Hello Avery! Welcome to Roberta’s Dreamworld and thank you for your time. First of all, tell us something about yourself, both as a writer and as a person.

Thanks so much for having me!!! What can I tell you about me? Well, I’m a writer, smartass and shoeaholic. :)

How/when did you realize you wanted to become a writer? 

When I was in grade school I received a baby blue typewriter and started writing stories about my stuffed animals. I’ve never stopped, although the stuffed animal stories have. :)

Let’s speak about “Enemies On Tap”. We’ve read the synopsis but can you tell us a little more about what the book is about?

It’s a fun, sexy small town romance about two people whose families have been enemies since forever. At its heart though it’s about being true to yourself and trusting love.

How did you come up with the idea and how did you create the characters?

Well, honest time. I love beer and I love books, so the chance to bring the two together was the nugget of the idea. Plus, I love an underdog story and Miranda Sweet is a total underdog. 

If you should describe your books in three words, what would you pick?

Sassy, sexy and fun!

Do you have any favorite authors and did they influence your choice of the genre?

Oh yes! I love Lori Foster, Dakota Cassidy and so many more. 

What else do you enjoy doing, when you’re not writing? 

I am addicted to Supernatural. All you out there who think Dean Winchester is your boyfriend, I hate to tell you that you’re wrong. He’s mine. :)

As a writer do you get support from your family and friends?

Definitely. The Fab Mr. Flynn is very supportive as are the kiddies. My two besties are also romance writers (Yo! Robin Covington and Kimberly Kincaid) and they are always there for me.

What are your dreams and plans for your future as a writer?

Is world domination too much to ask for?

Would you like to say something to the readers to encourage them to read your books?

I love reading fun books that let me escape, get my heart beating faster and leave me with that giddy feeling at the end. Those are just the type of books I write, too. So if you’re like me, I hope you’ll give Enemies on Tap a chance. :)

Thank you again for having me!


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Cover reveal: Finding Our Forever by Lan LLP

Finding Our Forever
Forever #2
By: Lan LLP
Releasing Sept 2014

Tragedy Strikes Again

Now weaved into Carson Bradley's web of boundless wealth and pharmaceutical rivalries, Lillian Ly is altering the course of her bright academic future. She’s determined to follow the beat of her devoted heart even after a devastating loss she'd suffered as a result of a deliberate accident.  With two missing researchers whose survival is based on a drug formula that Carson is unable to deliver, he fears the kidnappers will stop at nothing to get what they want—meaning Lillian’s life is also in danger. 

Can they find their forever with all the danger that still lies ahead?

Guilt gnaws at his conscience with each passing day, but despite his shame, he still can’t let her go. She is the flame to his fire, the soul of his heart. Without her by his side, he is just a body without a warm pulse.  Desperate to obtain the missing drug components and keep Lillian safe, Carson becomes overbearing and unreasonable.  Lillian’s strong-will tears them emotionally apart, stirring thoughts of doubt for their future. She knows she loves him irrevocably, but can she survive in his volatile world?

Over a long year ago, I picked up a pen and wrote the first sentence of a fantasy that I’ve imagined ever since I was a daydreaming little girl—minus the steamy parts of course. That initial sentence was the seed that grew into my flowering romance book, “Beginning with Forever.” With all my heart, I wrote, rewrote, edited, re-edited and now, I’m finally ready to share it with all of you. My one and only aspiration for this book is to have readers embrace my story and characters with their heart. If I can make someone laugh till their gut hurts, hate with vengeance, cry till their eyes dry out, fall in love all over again, drool over the hero or feel any other emotions, than I’ve succeeded my goal.
I’m the sappiest person in the world when it comes to romance. Don’t laugh! I believe in love at first sight, Prince Charming or Mr. Hot Billionaire in my book, and happy endings. In my heart, every women deserves all three, and they will when they lose themselves in my books. Your fantasy can become your reality with just the flip of a page, so come join me.


Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Book blast: Secret Love by Christine Warner

Secret Love
The Sweet Fifties Series Book One
By: Christine Warner
Released June 9th, 2014

Saranac, Michigan 1955
Lizzie Tarleton has always done things her own way—including the time at the tender age of thirteen when she confessed to her brother’s best friend she loved him. But now she’s a new teacher at the local high school, and independent enough to know that you can’t force love. She’ll find love when the time is right—even though her parents are adamant the time is now. The only downfall to her idyllic life is the fact that her childhood crush—who broke her heart—is now her boss. If only she could stop daydreaming about him.
Wayne Whitmore grew up on the wrong side of the tracks and worked hard to get where he’s at in life. Even though he enjoys being principal at the small town high school, he dreams of coaching baseball. When his best friend asks him to watch over his little sister at her new job at Wayne’s school, he agrees. What he doesn’t count on is how she’s grown from the pig tailed kid who told him she loved him, to the woman who breaks his concentration with her beauty and smile. Unable to get over his fascination, and afraid he’ll ruin his friend’s trust, Wayne applies for his dream job—one that will take him far away.

One night while decorating the school gymnasium for an upcoming sock hop, Lizzie and Wayne find themselves alone. They share a kiss and Lizzie realizes her childhood crush for Wayne has never died. Wayne decides he doesn’t want to let Lizzie get away.

Can they come to terms with their secret love and then overcome the other secrets they are hiding in order to get what they each want? Or is their timing for love still off?

Christine Warner is living her dream in Michigan along with her family, one laptop, and a much loved assortment of furry friends.
Besides laughing and a good dose of humor, she enjoys spending time with her family, cooking, reading, writing, but no arithmetic.  A confessed people watcher, she finds inspiration for her stories in everyday activities.  She loves to read and write about strong heroes, and determined, sometimes sassy, heroines.
A girl gone wild, at least where social media is concerned, she enjoys meeting other avid readers and writers on facebook, twitter and her website at


She blinked away the heat of tears forming at the back of her eyes. Their conversation had grown too serious. She needed to lighten things up a bit. “Remember when we used to play ‘What if?’”
He laughed. “What if Lizzie wore a dress?”
“Either she was going to church, or her mom was having a ladies’ social.” Lizzie giggled. “Ricky hated that game.”
“He’d get so mad when you’d start it.” He made the final cut on a small snowflake and added it to the pile before him.
“What if Wayne couldn’t throw his famous curve ball?”
“The school trophy case would be one trophy short. What if Lizzie wasn’t teaching here?”
She pouted. “She’d be sad. I have no idea what I’d be doing if I hadn’t found a job here. What does Lizzie have to do to show Wayne she thanks him?” She winked, enjoying their fun.
He cleared his throat. “What if Wayne said Lizzie owed him a kiss?”
Her belly trembled. What if?
“What if he stole one?” His voice lowered and he leaned in.
“Why don’t you find out?” she whispered.


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Blog tour: Bad Taste In Men by Kylie Gilmore

Bad Taste in Men
Book Three Clover Park Series
By: Kylie Gilmore
Releasing July 14th, 2014

Something's Brewing Between Friends…

Rachel Miller knows opening a café with coffee and pastries will make her struggling bookstore the place to hang out. But when the bank turns her down and her best friend Shane steps in, she vows business will never ruin their friendship.

Gourmet ice-cream maker Shane O’Hare knows food, not women. To sweep Rachel off her feet, he secretly sells his beloved ’67 Shelby Mustang and becomes a partner in her café. And then she sets him up with a friend.

As they build the café together, and Rachel learns what Shane has sacrificed for her, she finds herself falling for him. Now way too much is riding on the success of this business venture—her career, her best friend, and her heart. 

Kylie Gilmore was lucky enough to discover romance novels at a young age as they were strewn all over the house (thanks, Mom!). She writes quirky, tender romance with a solid dose of humor. Her Clover Park series features the O’Hare brothers, three guys you’d definitely have a drink with and maybe a little more. Kylie lives in New York with her family, two cats, and a nutso dog. When she’s not writing, wrangling kids, or dutifully taking notes at writing conferences, you can find her flexing her muscles all the way to the high cabinet for her secret chocolate stash.


Click HERE to read an excerpt from Bad Taste In Men

Bad Taste In Men will appeal to all the fans of Friends To Lovers romance novels. I'm one of them so I was really looking forward to reading this story.

Rachel and Shane are best friends, but when Shane starts showing romantic interest in her, things start to change. Rachel has never been lucky with men, and the only one who's ever been around through all the break-ups was Shane. Once he makes the first move to move their relationship to the next level, Rachel starts feeling funny around him. Add to this that he's just offered to become her business partner and things get even more complicated for Rachel. She can't lose Shane's friendship and can't mess up her business because of a relationship gone wrong, so she pushes him away - even if her body gives her other signals.

It's funny to see how she denies her attraction and tries to convince herself she doesn't feel anything for him.
Unfortunately, this is one of the things that didn't work for me. Rachel's insecurity and the way she tried to deny her feelings were cute and even funny at first, but after a while it became a little annoying and made me want to throttle her. After everything Shane did for her and the way he treated her, she kept giving him conflicting signals: one minute she let him kiss her, the other minute she pushes him away and stays away from him. Although I could understand her fears, after a while it was annoying she couldn't get over it and give Shane a chance. 

I loved Shane at first. He was cute and loving, and I suffered with him when Rachel didn't get how much he cared for her. At some point in the story, though, he changed his attitude and I have to say I didn't like bossy Shane much.

I loved the small town setting, and the side characters were great. I loved Shane's grandmother and his brothers, and I will definitely read the other books in the series, which are about Shane's brothers and how they fell for their wives.

All in all, Bad Taste In Men is a really nice story, (with some hot scenes - when Rachel finally gives in to her feelings) but I felt like it took them too long to get together and try to get their happy-ever-after. I wished they'd become a couple long before the ending and that Rachel stopped being so stubborn sooner in the book. 

Maybe this is just me, though, so I think you should give this book a chance because the writing is very good and the plot is interesting and entertaining. And if you've read the other books in the series, you definitely can't miss this one.

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Blog tour: Stray by Natasha Stories

stray blog tour banner

Erin Timms took a new job as a veterinarian in Sunshine, Colorado for two important reasons: to get away from her ex, and to give herself a chance at a new life. But when devastating news of her ex follows her there, she begins to think she has made a terrible mistake.
Tall, stunning-looking Jon Miles had only one goal: to save the mountain canyon where Sunshine is located from businessmen who want to exploit it. But how can he do that when he is already an outcast?
There was nothing to suggest they’d ever meet, much less strike a spark of red-hot romance. Except that Erin can never turn away a stray. . .

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Natasha is the author of romance and erotic romance novels and occasionally short stories. She loves reading as well as writing, and some of my favourite novels are books like Fifty Shades of Grey by E L James, the Fade series by Kate Dawes, as well as anything by Nikki Sex. When she's not reading or writing, Natasha can be found playing with her two puppies and having a glass of red.

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