Monday, September 1, 2014

Book review: Isn't She Lovely by Lauren Layne

I first discovered Lauren Layne books when I signed up for the tour of Broken (stay tuned, it's coming next week), the second book in the series. After I finished - and LOVED it, I didn't think too much of Ethan, who only has a cameo apperance in the second book, but I was curious enough to want to read his story and... well... WOW! 
I read it in two days, I couldn't put it down!

Isn't She Lovely is Ethan and Stephanie's story, two college students who are totally different from each other and belong to opposite worlds. When they worlds literally collide (as in, Stephanie crashes into Ethan) and they are forced to be partners in a screenplay project, their differences and different lifestyles will provide the best moments of fun.
The book is told in first person and dual POV, which is great, because when it's a first person POV I always love to read the hero's thoughts too.

The characters are fantastic. I LOVED, absolutely ADORED their banter. 
Stephanie is brilliant. With her Goth looks and her witty remarks, she made me laugh throughout the book. She's a girl I'd love to be BFF with because she's hilarious. I immediately warmed up to her and during the tough moments in the book I wanted to hug her.

Ethan is... um... let me find the word... adorable is not quite enough but I'll stick to that. :)  At first he acts like a spoilt brat, since he's awfully rich and has never had to worry about anything in his life, but when I got inside his head, I couldn't help loving him. He's super cute and quite hot, may I add. I loved how he warmed up to Stephanie and went from calling her Goth and hating her appearance to feeling attracted to her in spite of their differences.

When Ethan asks her to be his fake girlfriend at three family events, so his mother will stop trying to get him back together with his ex, things start to get funny because obviously Stephanie can't go to the Prices' mansion dressed up like a character from The Nightmare Before Christmas. So, in exchange for free accomodation in Ethan's luxurious apartment, she has to change her apperance and become Ethan's Barbie for three dates.
Neither of them was expecting the charade to turn into something more though, when lines begin to blur and things start to get warm and cozy.

There's a long journey to get to their Happy Ending, and at some point you'll think that there's no way things would ever work out between the two of them, with Ethan being the heir to the Price Holdings empire and Stephanie being nothing but a college nerd who wears combat boots and black nail polish.
But if they could only put their prejudices aside and find a compromise, could they be something more? 

Isn't She Lovely is a sweet, romantic, funny and brilliant story. I enjoyed every minute of it and when I reached the end I was like: "Nooooooo!!! I want more!!" because I was having so much fun reading about Ethan and Stephanie that I wished there had been a few more chapters.
The dialogues and interactions between the two characters are great, and there isn't a single part in the book when I felt the story dragged or slowed down. This book is a page turner.

If you're a fan of the New Adult genre, you must get this book now. It's the perfect fresh and entertaining read that will provide a few hours of laughter and heartwarming moments - plus it's currently on special offer, so you'd better not miss the chance to get to know Ethan and Stephanie.
But even if you're not a fan of the New Adult genre, you should give this book a chance because I'm sure it won't disappoint you. I haven't liked many NA books that I've read so far, but this definitely goes straight to the top of my favorite NA books, sharing the Number One spot with Wait For You by J.Lynn (simply because Cam is too hot to be second!).


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