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Blog tour: Until You Find Me by Amber Hart

Until You Find Me 
Until You Find Me # 1
By: Amber Hart
Releasing November 11th, 2014 
Loveswept: Flirt 

Amber Hart pushes contemporary romance to its wildest limits in this heart-pounding novel, the story of a girl who travels to Africa to protect the legacy of one man . . . and stays for the love of another.

Raven Moore, a twenty-year-old college student from Michigan, feels out of place in the beautiful, treacherous jungles of Cameroon, staying in the habitat where her father gave his life to help protect endangered gorillas. He left home years ago; now Raven refuses to return home until she unravels the truth about his last days.

Raven certainly doesn’t count on crossing paths with a handsome young hunter—especially one as charismatic and intense as Jospin Tondjii. Instantly, she’s hooked. But Jospin is hiding a dark truth: He is the heir to a powerful poaching empire, part of a ruthless black market that is responsible for the dwindling gorilla population.

Their fathers may have been enemies, but Raven and Jospin forge a bond that goes beyond blood, a relationship that is tested as Raven draws closer to the source of her father’s death. Can she and Jospin bear the weight of the secrets of the wild—and the secrets of their pasts? Or will the rain forest destroy them both?

Advance praise for Until You Find Me

“If you think the jungle is hot and dangerous, wait until you meet Jospin. He and Raven turn up the heat to scorching and burn the jungle down!”—Lisa Desrochers, USA Today bestselling author of A Little Too Far

“A beautiful, unconventional story that takes you to the jungles of Africa to fall in love, Until You Find Me contains the perfect balance of angst, thrills, and page-turning appeal.”—K.A. Tucker, USA Today bestselling author of Ten Tiny Breaths

“Wonderfully unique and utterly unputdownable, Until You Find Me is a breath of fresh air. Each page is sexier than the one before.”—Lauren Layne, author of Isn’t She Lovely

Amber Hart is the author of Before You and Until You Find Me. She grew up in Orlando, Florida, and Atlanta, Georgia, and now resides on the Florida coastline with her family. When not reading, she can be found writing, daydreaming, or dipping her toes in the sand.

Hello Amber! Welcome to Roberta’s Dreamworld and thank you for your time. First of all, tell us something about yourself, both as a writer and as a person.

Hi! *waves*Thanks for having me!
As a writer, I’m adventurous. I take my characters deep into the African jungle. I push their limits. I make them experience things to the extreme. Perhaps because my life is pretty normal in reality.

How/when did you realize you wanted to become a writer? 

I’ve written stories all my life—mostly in crayon and in notebooks that will never see the light of day. I didn’t decide on being a writer until I went to college for a different career, and admitted to myself that my heart wasn’t in it. Writing was my outlet, where I found my voice.                    

Let’s speak about “Until You Find Me”. We’ve read the synopsis but can you tell us a little more about what the book is about?

It’s about a girl, Raven,who is on a mission to uncover the secrets her conservationist father left for her in the treacherous jungle. And it’s about a guy, Jospin, who is the heir to a powerful poaching empire. But it’s really about so much more. It’s about love. Gorillas. Passion. Pain. Strength. What it means to let go, and what it means to find yourself. And precisely how far the heart can bend before it breaks.

How did you come up with the idea and how did you create the characters?

This idea has been brewing for years. It started with the story of one endangered gorilla. I fell in love with the gorilla species, and the people who save them. And then I wondered why people killed gorillas illegally in the first place. I imagined the perils lurking deep within the trees—the rain forest and all its secrets. I pictured myself there, amongst the danger. I researched it restlessly. I thought: What would happen if the one who saves gorillas fell in love with the one who kills them? This is how Until You Find Me was born. The characters walked into my mind of their own accord. Then insisted I tell their stories. 

If you should describe your books in three words, what would you pick?

Danger. Love. Hope. 

Do you have any favorite authors and did they influence your choice of the genre?

Yes. I have an all time favorite author. I read her books as a teenager and her novels are the reason I began truly loving literature in the first place. Her name is Francine Pascal. The series is called Fearless. I can’t say in exactly which way she has influenced me, except that to say I’m sure she has. And that without this series, I would have never became such a vivacious reader. 

What else do you enjoy doing, when you’re not writing? 

I love reading. Being with family. Basking under the Florida sun. I have a hammock. That’s a favorite spot of mine to relax and forget that anything else exists. 

As a writer do you get support from your family and friends?

Yes!! My family is my rock. They are absolutely there for me always. I am so grateful. Their support means everything. My dad used to take me to the library as a kid, and there I found a home. My best friends were words and characters that existed between pages. I lived so many lives, abundant adventures, in a place like that.

What are your dreams and plans for your future as a writer?

I’d love to write books for the foreseeable future. As long as characters barge in and demand to be heard, I will be here, telling their stories. :)

Would you like to say something to the readers to encourage them to read your books?

I think readers should read whatever speaks to them, and if that’s my story, then wonderful (welcome!). But really, I hope they just take the chance on a book, any book,and dive into sentences and pages and characters that will live in their hearts forever. 



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