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Book blitz: A Wilde Night by Savannah Young

A Wilde Night Book Blitz

A Wilde Night by Savannah Young 
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Release Date: August 27th, 2014
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She's an award-winning winning actress and he's an average guy just trying to get by...

Fresh out of police officer training, newbie cop, Hunter Wilde, takes an off-duty gig working special events at the Tawnee Mountain Resort to earn a little extra cash to supplement his public servant's salary.

Katie Lawrence is Hollywood's hottest sweetheart. With her second Oscar win before the age of twenty-five she's all Tinseltown is talking about.

When Katie attends a wedding at the Tawnee Mountain Resort with the notorious bad-boy Olympic gold snowboarder, Devon Black, he's more interested in bedding the bridesmaids than he is in being with Katie.

So Katie tries to find solace in the personal security guard assigned to her by the resort...the reluctant Hunter Wilde. He's not impressed with Katie's stardom and he definitely doesn't want to get involved with a drama queen...but Katie manages to steal his heart when he least expects it.

Romance novelist Savannah Young grew up in rural northwest New Jersey in a place very similar to the fictional Old Town, which is featured in her books. When she's not at her computer creating spicy stories, Savannah is traveling to exotic locales or spending time with her husband and their bloodhounds. Savannah also writes under the pen names Dakota Madison, Sierra Avalon and Ren Monterrey.


“What’s going on over there?” I point to a dark-haired girl being mobbed by a small crowd. They’re shoving pieces of paper and pens at her.
Autographs, maybe?
Teko laughs. “What are you blind? That’s Katie Lawrence.”
Am I supposed to know who Katie Lawrence is?
Teko’s eyes narrow with suspicion. “She’s America’s Sweet-heart. Don’t tell me you’ve never seen Sky Blues?”
“Okay, I won’t tell you I’ve never seen it,” I fire back.
“Or Chasing Summer?”
“I won’t tell you I haven’t seen that either.”
“Dude, have you been living under a rock? They’re Academy Award winning movies. She’s won two Oscars. Just won best-supporting actress and she was only in the movie like fifteen minutes. Her character died of a drug overdose. It was epic.”
Now I’m the one who’s eying Teko. “And how do you know about these movies? They sound like chick flicks.”
“My girl likes movies. I like to make out in the back of the theater. It’s a win-win deal.”
I watch as Katie Lawrence greets all of her adoring fans. And they are all adoring her. They’re practically falling over each other just to get her to glance in their direction. It actually makes me kind of sick.
It’s not that Katie Lawrence isn’t attractive. She’s cute. But not the kind of girl I’d put on a pedestal or anything. If she wasn’t a big star, and she walked into Haymakers, my family’s bar, on a Friday night, she probably wouldn’t be one of the first girls to get picked up. Don’t get me wrong, she’d be in the top five or six, but she’s definitely not top-spot hot. Katie Lawrence is not drop-dead Sports Illustrated Cover Girl gorgeous. She looks more like the girl-next-door.
Not that the girl who lived next door to us all of our lives, Harley Davis, isn’t Sports Illustrated Cover Girl gorgeous. She most definitely is. But she’s also in love with my oldest brother, so that means she’s off-limits.
I can tell by looking at Katie that she thinks pretty highly of herself. It’s her demeanor, and the way she carries herself. The girl is starting to believe her own publicity.
“Why do you think the resort hired so many of us this week-end?” Teko asks.
Tawnee Mountain Resort has been in business less than a year and it’s already garnered quit a reputation as a hot spot for all the rich and famous from New York. Lucky for me and my buddy, Teko, they like to hire off-duty cops to work security for special events.
I shrug. “I heard there’s some kind of big wedding going on.”
Teko gives me a look like I’m stupid. “Devon Black’s twin brother is getting married. I know you know who Devon Black is.”
“He’s that snowboarder,” I reply off-handedly.
“He’s a four-time Olympic gold medal winner. His twin brother was set to compete against him this past winter, but he injured his knee in the finals. Talk about sibling rivalry.”
Sibling rivalry is something I know a lot about. With three older brothers, it wasn’t something I could easily escape.
“Katie Lawrence is dating Devon Black,” Teko adds, as if I should care about either of these people. “It’s an on-again, off-again saga with those two.”
My gaze narrows. “And just how do you know so much about Katie Lawrence and Devon Black’s romantic life?”
He shrugs. “My girl has a bunch of those celebrity magazines lying all over the apartment.”
“And you just happened to open them up and read them,” I tease.
“I may take them with me into the bathroom when I’ve got a few minutes to kill.”
I shake my head in disbelief. Teko is a six-foot five-inch brick house. He’s part Polynesian, part African American and all muscle. He’s not the kind of guy you’d expect to be reading some girlie celebrity rag.
As Katie Lawrence and her entourage pass by us, I can’t help but notice her sexy little body. She’s wearing a skirt so short and tight it should be illegal. And she’s got on a little crop top that shows off the smallest bit of her milky white midsection.
Maybe she’s a little hotter than I initially gave her credit for.
When I feel my dick twitch in response I remind myself that I’m a cop working security and she’s apparently some superstar.
But that’s just it. When you take away all of the hubbub surrounding her, she doesn’t seem like a movie star to me. She seems more like a slightly sexed up version of the girls I went to high school with.
As I watch her walk by, she actually glances in my direction. Our eyes meet for just a second, but it’s just long enough for me to see right inside her. And when I do, I actually see her gasp. It’s almost as if no one has ever looked that deeply at her and it surprises her. I seem to have made her so uncomfortable, she quickly turns away.
But I know she’ll look back again. I’m willing to bet a week’s salary on it, and for a rookie cop, that’s some hard-earned money. When someone takes your breath away, you can’t help but look back again. It’s a necessity.
Just as I predicted she sneaks another quick glance back at me before she turns the corner. She’s got such a sad expression on her face. It’s almost like she’s living a life that’s not of her own making. Like part of her would rather be in old jeans and a sweatshirt than the designer clothes she’s wearing. It tugs on my heartstrings a bit. Then I remind myself that she’s a superstar, and certainly doesn’t need someone like me to feel sorry for her.


“You’ve got bodyguard duty,” Mr. Wilson, the head of security, says to me.
The guy is a real piece of work. He’s an older guy, probably in his mid-fifties, and I swear he dyes his hair because it’s just too black for a guy his age. He’s always chomping on gum like a teen-age girl. And he’s slick. If he wasn’t the head of security at a posh resort, he’d probably be a used car salesman.
“I wasn’t hired for personal security,” I protest. “General guard duty.”
In my mind I was hired to stand around and look intimidating, something I’ve been working hard to perfect. I’ve almost got it down to an exact science. I cross my arms over my chest while giving a cold, uncompromising stare. Between that pose and my uniform, I can usually make some of the biggest, baddest-looking dudes tremble in a matter of seconds. At least my police training was good for something.
Getting anywhere close to that actress sounds like too much work. Actresses are too high maintenance for a country boy like me.
I point over to two other rookie cops also moonlighting as security guards at Tawnee Mountain. We all attended the police academy together.
“Why don’t you get Paulson and Rodriguez to do it?” I suggest.
Wilson snaps his gum in my face then shakes his head. “No, I want you to do it.”
I want to ask why me, but I can tell by the look on Mr. Wilson’s face that it’s pointless to protest. He’s already got his mind made up. He’s got a team of a dozen security guards, and for some reason he picked me to babysit the drama queen.
“Anyone ever told you that you kind of look like Opie?”
I shake my head. “Who’s Opie?”
He chomps down on his gum a few times before he responds. “Opie. You know. The kid from The Andy Griffith Show. Ron Howard’s character.”
“You mean the director?” Teko pipes in.
More gum chewing. “Yeah, he’s a director now but he was an actor first. When he was young. He had a real sweet look to him. Kind of innocent. Like you.” Wilson points a finger in my direction. “You’re a sweet looking kid. That’s why you need to do it.”
I heave a sigh. The last thing you want to be called when you’re a new cop is sweet looking. Doesn’t exactly fit the persona. I’ve worked really hard to gain body mass and I’m now all muscle. But there’s nothing I can do about having a sweet looking face apparently.
Mr. Wilson is eyeing me like I’ve got the plague or something. “What have you got against Katie Lawrence? She’s America’s Sweetheart.”
“Nothing,” I grunt.
He’s still eyeing me like he doesn’t believe me. “She’s a sweet kid.”
“I’m sure she is,” I say half-heartedly. I still want nothing to do with being her personal security guard. I’d rather be in the background where I feel comfortable.
“I think you’ll like her when you get to know her.”
I don’t know how to make it any more obvious that I don’t want to get to know her. I could care less about her being America’s Sweetheart. And I definitely don’t care about her movies. I’d rather watch paint dry then watch any movie with the words Academy Award winner on it. If I have to watch a movie, which I rarely do, it better have car chases, explosions and guns—and lots of them.
Mr. Wilson crosses his fat arms over his protruding belly. It’s a good thing the guy carries a gun and a Taser because he’d never be able to take anyone down without a weapon. “Tell me why you don’t like Katie Lawrence.”
Why does everyone love this girl so much? It’s like a national crime that I don’t adore her. I shrug. “I don’t even know her.”
He’s still eyeing me suspiciously.
“All right.” I heave a sigh. “She seems very high maintenance. I don’t want to deal with it. Happy?”
Mr. Wilson actually laughs at me. Should I be insulted?
“Every female on the planet is high maintenance, Kid. Get used to it.”
Before I can say another word he turns and walks away.

Having read the previous two books, I was looking forward to reading Hunter's story. He seemed like the cutest of the Wilde brothers, even though he didn't appear often in the previous books. 
I liked how he and Katie connected straight away, with only one stare, and how he didn't buy her movie star façade but managed to see behind the money and the clothes.
Katie sounded like a nice heroine at first, torn between her life as a movie star and her country girl personality. After a while, though, I got a little annoyed by her constant "I'm a movie star, I can't be with a country cop even though I love him". Besides, she kept saying how she wished she could still be Kat from Phillisburg but she couldn't leave Hollywood. Until the end of the book I failed to understand whether she really wanted to be a famous actress or not. Most of the times she sounded like she was forced to be in the movie industry, and she would've preferred to go back to being a country girl.
Hunter was cute. He's the typical mama boy: the youngest of the Wilde brothers, his siblings always look out for him and when they see him with Kat, they're worried she could hurt him. I found his need to be taken seriously by his brothers rather sweet. He didn't want to be considered the baby of the family, and wanted them to understand he was a grown man who could fall in love with a woman, even though this woman happened to be a famous movie star and could potentially destroy his career.
What didn't work for me was the constant "We're in love, but we can't be together because our lives are too different" throughout the book. This dilemma made the story feel dragged at times, when nothing was really happening. Another thing that didn't work too well for me was the fact that at times it felt as if all their relationship was about was sex. Whenever they were together (the day after they met and then when she came back to New Jersey) they didn't do much of anything else. I wouldn't have been surprised if this was Jake's story, but with Hunter I'd gotten the feeling that he was the cutest of the brothers so this felt a little odd at times.
I liked that Riley and Cooper (book 1) were included in the book, and that we also got a little inside scoop about Tucker and Gracie (book 2). I hope we'll get to witness Riley and Cooper's wedding in the next book, as I was really hoping it would be in this one but it wasn't. Wilde Riders (Cooper and Riley's story) is still my favorite in the series.
Anyway, apart from my personal opinion on some topics, this is a nice story about finding the happy ending even when it seems impossible because of life getting in the way, and if you've read the previous books in the series, you should read Hunter's story too.
The books are standalones, so if you haven't read book 1 and 2, you can still read this one and understand everything without any problems.

Wilde Riders


The Wilde One


A Wilde Night


Wilde Times


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