Saturday, February 21, 2015

Book review: Touch & Go by Mira Lynn Kelly

I love friends to lovers stories; it’s something that has always fascinated me. Even though it’s a theme as old as time, and it’s been used by many authors, this book was very well written and the plot was very creative and original. 

Ava and Sam have been best friends for twenty years, ever since they were seven and eight. Ava has been in love with Sam ever since, but she’s always kept her feelings hidden because their friendship was more important than anything else. And while Sam goes from one woman to another, the one constant in his life is Ava. Her parents and her brother, Ford, welcomed him into their family when he was an abused child, and out of respect for them Sam never made a move on Ava, in spite of his attraction for her.

Things change when Ava asks Sam to be her pretend boyfriend at an event so that a colleague of hers, who’s starting to turn into a stalker of sorts, will think she’s taken and will stop annoying her. Their acting skills are so good that, when they share a fake kiss to scare the stalker away, what they feel is anything but fake. Twenty years of pent-up feelings and passion overflow, and they end up in Ava’s bed, promising each other it will only be one night, and they’ll go back to being best buddies in the morning. Too bad neither of them can shake off the feeling the following days and weeks, and when one night turns into one week and then two, things get out of hand. Ava thought this would be her chance to fulfill her fantasy of being with Sam, without getting her heart broken, while Sam thought they’d be able to be friends like before. But the chemistry between them is so strong that putting a stop to it to save their friendship becomes the hardest thing they’ve had to do.

I enjoyed this book and, like I said, in spite of the overused theme, the story felt fresh. However, there were just a little too many and too detailed bedroom scenes. I could have done without a few, and still enjoyed the story. Although I understand they were meant to make the reader feel the irresistible attraction between them, it would’ve been good all the same without a few or maybe with fewer details. At some point there were more sex scenes than anything else. In spite of this, which, as you know is my personal pet peeve so you may as well disregard these last few lines, the rest of the story is brilliant, especially the ending. I was starry eyed while I was reading it.

What I liked the most about the two characters, and basically about the book, was the way they were always so comfortable around each other. It was clear they were meant to be together, in spite of Sam’s womanizing attitude and Ava accepting it as if it didn’t bother her. There were some parts when I honestly wanted to slap Sam, when he kept telling himself he’d never be good enough for Ava and she deserved more, instead of letting her decide for herself. As much as they had been open books to each other for twenty years, they were really blind about the other’s feelings, especially after they started sleeping together.

The secondary characters, Maggie (Ava’s friend) and Tyler were the heroine and hero of book one, which I definitely want to read. Maggie is a funny character and I’m really curious to read her story. I also hope we’ll get a book about Ford, because he’s an interesting character I’d like to know more about.

If you’re a fan of friends to lovers stories, and don’t mind steamy scenes, you should definitely pick up this book. It’s a beautiful and romantic story that will make you root for the characters from the very start, and leave a smile on your face when you reach the end.

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