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Blog tour: The Bride Wore Denim by Lizbeth Selvig

The Bride Wore Denim
Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys # 1
By: Lizbeth Selvig
Releasing July 21, 2015
Avon Impulse

When Harper Lee Crockett returns home to Paradise Ranch, Wyoming, the last thing she expects is to fall head-over-heels in lust for Cole, childhood neighbor and her older sister's long-time boyfriend. The spirited and artistic Crockett sister has finally learned to resist her craziest impulses, but this latest trip home and Cole's rough-and-tough appeal might be too much for her fading self-control.

Cole Wainwright has long been fascinated by the sister who's always stood out from the crowd. His relationship with Amelia, the eldest Crockett sister, isn't as perfect as it seems, and with Harper back in town, he sees everything he's been missing. Cole knows they have no future together—he's tied to the land and she's created a successful life in the big city—but neither of them can escape their growing attraction or inconvenient feelings.

As Harper struggles to come to grips with new family responsibilities and her forbidden feelings for Cole, she must decide whether to listen to her head or to give her heart what it wants.

Lizbeth Selvig writes fun, heartwarming contemporary romantic fiction for Avon books. Her debut novel, The Rancher and the Rock Star, was released in 2012. Her second, Rescued By A Stranger is a 2014 RWA RITA® Award nominee. Liz lives in Minnesota with her best friend (aka her husband), a hyperactive border collie named Magic and a gray Arabian gelding named Jedi. After working as a newspaper journalist and magazine editor, and raising an equine veterinarian daughter and a talented musician son, Lizbeth entered Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart® contest in 2010 with The Rancher and the Rock Star (then titled Songbird) and won the Single Title Contemporary category.
In her spare time, she loves being a brand new grandma to Evelyn Grace as well as to hike, quilt, read, horseback ride, and play with her four-legged grandchildren, of which there are nearly twenty, including a wallaby, an alpaca, a donkey, a pig, a sugar glider, and many dogs, cats and horses (pics of all appear on her website www.lizbethselvig.com). She loves connecting with readers—contact her any time!

Hello Lizbeth! Welcome to Roberta’s Dreamworld and thank you for your time. First of all, tell us something about yourself, both as a writer and as a person.

Hi Roberta, thank you so much for hosting me today. I’ve been looking around your site and it’s got a really fun vibe, so I’m excited to be here!

I live in Minnesota but have been fortunate to travel and live in several other “exotic” places (you can’t really call Minnesota exotic, although visitors certainly find it unique, you betcha). I lived in Germany twice and Toronto, Canada once, for a year each time. My husband and I also lived in Anchorage, Alaska for three years from 2006-2009. I have two grown children, two amazing in-law children, and a 16-month-old granddaughter who is my crack cocaine—definitely addicting!

Writing is both the joy and pain of my life! I’m a disorganized writer and I love to play before I work—so I live by a lot of deadlines. Still, when the words are flowing and my characters are practically telling the story for me—there’s no better feeling in the world! Contemporary romances are my love. I have a penchant for including a smattering of current issues (cutting arts programs, environmental issues, banned books) along with the romance. Someday I’d love to try a futuristic romance. It would be great to create an entire world from scratch.

How/when did you realize you wanted to become a writer?

I’ve been making up stories in my head since I was five and I started writing them down as what would today be called fanfiction when I was 10 or 11. (I’m dating myself but my first heroes were Paul McCartney, Davy Jones, Bobby Sherman…) I finally graduated to my own made-up heroes, and I’ve been writing ever since!

Let’s speak about THE BRIDE WORE DENIM. We’ve read the synopsis but can you tell us a little more about what the book is about?

This is the first book of a brand new series called “Seven Brides for Seven Cowboys.” The series centers around seven sisters who left the ranch they grew up on and found successful careers. None of them ever meant to come back to the world their father ruled with an iron will, but when he dies they all have to return and decide if keeping the family legacy alive is what they want.

THE BRIDE WORE DENIM is the story of the second oldest sister, Harper. She’s an artist just experiencing a big break, complete with a sponsor who wants to help launch her career. When she meets her childhood best friend, Cole Wainwright, at her father’s funeral, she remembers how much she’d crushed on him as a teenager. He, however, was her older sister’s boyfriend—until only recently, and Harper wants nothing to do with “going after” her sister’s ex.

But—Harper falls back in love with Cole and with Paradise Ranch. She also meets a 14-year-old girl—the daughter of the ranch’s foreman—who’s a very talented, and misunderstood, artist, just as Harper was as a child. All kinds of things: bonding with her new protégé, a local art contest, a stray puppy, and Cole’s growing love for her, start to make a decision to leave the ranch more than difficult. And in the end, the future of Paradise Ranch along with her own happiness ends up smack in Harper’s lap!

How did you come up with the idea and how did you create the characters?

My original plan was to write a modern-day Bonanza (like the old TV series) but with women instead of men. I synopsized four stories to correspond with the four original Bonanza men. Then I had a discussion with my agent where I flippantly said I should write Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. She encouraged me to do just that! That’s how I ended up with Amelia, Harper, Joely, Cami, Raquel, Grace, and Kelly—the sisters (and one cousin). My editor came up with the concept of emphasizing the brides, and I found each woman a hero who could equal her in strength and will but complement her personality. It’s been great fun getting to know them all!

If you should describe your books in three words, what would you pick?

Home, Sensuality, and Family

Do you have any favorite authors and did they influence your choice of the genre?

I have loved contemporary romance since the 70s when I started reading Silhouettes and Harlequins by the gross. I discovered my favorite author of all time LaVyrle Spencer. She’s retired now, sadly, but she was and is my writing hero and I consider my own writing a little bit of a throwback to LaVyrle’s lush, involved stories.

What else do you enjoy doing, when you’re not writing?

My husband and I love to hike. We walked across northern England in 2012 (192 miles in 16 days) and it was an incredible experience! I also quilt, and I have a horse I ride when I can. I babysit my granddaughter a few times a month, I clean barn at my daughter’s horse farm twice a week, and I love visiting my folks who are older and live nearby. I am sometimes harried but NEVER bored!

As a writer do you get support from your family and friends?

I have the very best family and friend support any writer could ask for! My husband shills my books at work. He’s a computer analyst, and it’s the most amazing thing to know I have a contingent of strong, brilliant men who read my books! My mom is 86 and she sends my books to all her still young-at-heart friends from high school, her cousins, her neighbors—she’s so cool! And even my kids are a street team on FB and with their friends. My daughter, an equine veterinarian, doesn’t normally read romance, but she reads and recommends my books. And my son reads them all, too! Two of my friends gave books to their teenage granddaughters after reading them (and yes there’s a sex scene in each) – because there are horses in them! So—I’m kind of proud to say that my youngest reader has been 13 and my oldest 95. And both gave great reviews!

What are your dreams and plans for your future as a writer?

It sounds so cliché, but it’s really just to keep writing and building the group of readers who enjoy my stories. There’s nothing like getting an e-mail saying the books brought a little joy into someone’s life! I’d like to go back and write two more stories in the first series. And I have a little trilogy set in Alaska that I’d like to publish. There’s an endless list of ideas!

Would you like to say something to the readers to encourage them to read your books?

I love writing uplifting books that are filled with lots of story and characters you love! If you like a rich book you can really curl up with and fall into—then I’d love you to try mine! My main themes are always family and home—you can’t find love without them, however they are defined! And, I love a solid, relationship-focused romance. Sex? Of course—but meaningful and committed! Fun? I love the funny parts of my stories. Heroines? Searching but strong. Heroes? Sexy but a little on the beta side: the kind you know will be there for a long, long happily ever after! Come dive into one of my books—I hope then I’ll hook you!

Another lucky grab garnered her a little Australorp who was returned, protesting, to the yard. Glancing around once more to check the empty, rainy yard, Harper squatted back under the eaves of the pretty, yellow chicken mansion and let the half dozen chickens settle again. These were not her mother’s fowl. These were her father’s “girls”—creatures who’d sometimes received more warmth than the human females he’d raised.

Good memories tried to flee in the wake of her petty thoughts, and she grabbed them back. Of course her father had loved his daughters. He’d just never been good at showing it. There’d been plenty of good times.

Rain pittered in a slow, steady rhythm over the lawn and against the coop’s gingerbread scrollwork. It pattered into the genuine, petunia-filled, window boxes on their actual multi-paned windows. Inside, the chickens enjoyed oak-trimmed nesting boxes, two flights of ladders, and chicken-themed artwork. Behind the over-the-top manse stretched half an acre of safely-fenced running yard trimmed with white picket fencing. Why the idiot birds were shunning such luxury to go AWOL out here in the rain was beyond Harper—even if they had found the gate improperly latched.

Wiping rain from her face again, she concentrated like a cat stalking canaries and made three more successful lunges. Chicken wrangling was rarely about mad chasing and much more about patience. She smiled evilly at the remaining three criminals who now eyed her with concern.

“Might as well give yourselves up,” she called. “Your day on the lam is finished.”

She swooped toward a fluffy Cochin, a chicken breed normally known for its lazy friendliness, and the fat creature shocked her by feinting and then dodging. For the first time in this hunt, Harper missed her chicken. A resulting belly-flop onto the grass forced a startled grunt from her throat, and she slid four inches through a puddle. Before she could let loose the mild curse that bubbled up to her tongue, the mortifying sound of clapping echoed through the rain.

“I give that a nine-point-five.”

A hot flash of awareness blazed through her stomach and lodged there manufacturing unwanted flutters. She closed her eyes, fighting down the embarrassment that followed in their wake. She hadn’t yet found her voice when a large, sinewy male hand appeared in front of her, accompanied by rich, baritone laugher. She groaned and reached for his fingers.

“Hello, Cole,” she said, resignation forcing her vocal chords to work as she let him help her gently but unceremoniously to her feet.

Cole Wainwright stood right in front of her, the knot of his tie hanging three inches down his white shirt front with the two buttons above it spread open. That left the tanned, corded skin of his neck at Harper’s eye level, and she swallowed. His brown-black hair was spiked and mussed, as if he’d just awoken, and his eyes sparkled in the rain like blue diamonds. She took a step back.

“Hullo, you,” he replied.

His grin, wide and warm and charming, hadn’t changed since they’d been kids. His pirate smile—the one that had been dorky when he’d been ten and she’d been eight and they, together with Harper’s five sisters, had been the only pirates who’d sought treasure on horseback rather than from a ship’s deck. Then she’d turned twelve and one day found she’d preferred being the captured princess to one of the crew, because that smile had no longer been dorky.


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