Monday, August 17, 2015

News updates: changes to the blog

Dear reader,

this post is long overdue but I've finally found the time to sit down and write it. I will not bother you with all the details but I thought it fair to inform the few loyal followers of the blog that as of August there will be a few changes to the blog.

Due to real life getting in the way and my need to dedicate more time to my writing career, I have found it hard to dedicate time to the blog and to deadlines for tours, events and scheduled reviews. What started as a way to share my love for books with other bookworms and make new book fanatic friends was turning out to be a third job (my day job and my author career being the other two). Add to that the need to eat, sleep and be social with family and friends—plus, a terribly hot summer which nearly melted my brain—and I was close to a breakdown. I guess I bit off more than I could chew, which turned everything I enjoyed doing (writing and reading) into an obligation, thus taking away all the fun I usually found in those things. 

Since I don't want to stop writing my books (I can't help writing!) nor I want to stop reading (books are my one escape from reality) and I have to concentrate on finding a new day job on top of it all, I've decided to cut down on the promotional events I'm hosting. From now on, at least until I've caught up and found a way to juggle everything, I will only post reviews of books and a few blog tours I'll be reviewing books for. I will no longer post cover reveals, release events, etc. unless I really really love the author.

There will no longer be daily posts with events and the posts will probably every week or so, depending on how many books I will be able to read. I want to rediscover the pleasure of reading just because—reading with a deadline for blog tours and events was slowly taking the pleasure from the reading experience, since sometimes I didn't have much free time to read and had to do it fast before the deadline. 

All this said, I hope you decide to stick around anyway. Hopefully, in the next few months things will get better and I will be able to dedicate more time to the blog.
Since I won't be posting very often, I suppose this will affect my Facebook page as well—rare posting usually equals not showing up in followers' newsfeeds. Therefore, if you would like to keep in touch and keep reading my reviews, make sure you sign up for the newsletter so you don't miss a post. I promise I won't spam and I will only e-mail when a new review or event is live.

One last thing before I leave you: if you're following on Google+, please note that I will keep the current URL for my author profile, while the blog now has a new page of its own. Check the Google+ gadget on the right and add Roberta's Dreamworld to your circles, so the posts will show up in your Google+ newsfeed whenever they're live. 

Okay, I think I've said it all. Thanks for taking the time to read this looong post and I hope we'll keep in touch. I love sharing my passion for books, so please don't leave me alone! :) 

Happy reading,

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