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Blog tour: Snowbound At Christmas by Debbie Mason

Christmas, Colorado #5
Debbie Mason
Releasing Sept 29th, 2015
Forever Romance

Surviving the holidays will take a Christmas miracle . . .

Ex-cop Cat O'Connor is bored working for her sister, Chloe, as a personal assistant on the set of her soap opera. Until Chloe gets an opportunity to audition for the role of a lifetime and asks her identical twin to substitute for her on the soap with no one the wiser. It's a perfect switch-until Cat attracts the attention of the mysterious Mr. Tall, Dark, and Way-too-handsome leading man.

Grayson Alexander never thought being snowbound in the charming town of Christmas, Colorado, for the holiday would get so hot. But between working with sexy, tough Cat on set and keeping his real reason for being there under wraps, he's definitely feeling the heat. And if there's one thing they'll learn as they bring out the mistletoe, it's that in this town, true love is always in season.

Chloe attempted to remove Fluffy's nails from her velour hoodie while staring at Cat with an appalled expression on her face."Why are you sitting on that man?"
"I . . . " Cat looked from her sister to the man in question. She was still sitting on him. On his rock-hard abs. Why hadn't she moved? Because everything happened too fast. It was the only acceptable explanation. It had nothing to do with being stunned stupid by his movie-star good looks.
He raised an eyebrow. What was with the sardonic look? Oh no, he was not putting her on the defensive. He'd broken into her sister's dressing room. Cat attempted to get off him without any further rubbing of her body on his, which wasn't easy. She gave up and awkwardly scrambled to her feet.
"About bloody time," she thought he muttered, but couldn't be sure because she was back to being stunned stupid when he flashed her a smile. A smile so gorgeous it belonged in a toothpaste commercial.
Pathetic. Cat was so off her game it wasn't even funny. Here she was thinking about his full, seductive lips and his perfect white teeth when her sister's life was on the line. Cat fisted her hands on her hips, put on her cop face, and went to glare down at the man. Only he rose to his feet with leonine grace, tugging the sleeves of his white shirt below his suit sleeves. She had to look up and took one step back, then another.
Behind her, Chloe sucked in a breath. Cat knew what that sucking sound meant, and it wasn't good. Her sister had gotten her first good look at the man. "Chloe, wait for me in the hall. I need to question . . ."
Her sister practically threw the animal at the older woman, shoving Cat out of the way with her hand extended. And there it was again, his smile. Only this one seemed friendlier, more genuine, and just as flipping gorgeous. She waited for her sister to react. She didn't disappoint. 

A romantic, funny and Christmassy page turner that you won’t be able to put down until the very last word—and even then, you’ll wish for more (at least, I did!).

Snowbound in Christmas is book 5 in the Christmas, Colorado series but works well as a standalone—even though I think you will want to read all the previous books, once you’ve finished it.

Cat and Grayson’s story is a beautiful clean romance, filled with enjoyable characters, fun scenes that will bring a smile to you face, and a bit of mystery to top it all off. Add to the mix a lovely Christmas setting in a small Colorado town and you’ve got the perfect holiday romance you can read while snuggled up on a comfortable armchair by a crackling fire, and with a cup of hot chocolate (although I trust you can enjoy this even if you’re lying on a sandy beach with a cold drink in your hand). 

Cat has always had a weird relationship with her identical twin sister. Chloe, a famous actress on a day-time soap opera, is Cat’s polar opposite and, being a star, she spends most of the book acting like a self-centered, spoiled brat. I rolled my eyes more than once while reading her drama queen antics—but I’m glad she sort of redeemed herself at some point (can’t say more, sorry), at the point that I found myself hoping she’d even get her own book in the future.

Cat used to be a police officer at Denver PD, but because of an ex she didn’t know was involved in something illegal, she found herself in the middle of some big trouble and had to leave her job. So when someone threatens her sister, she takes the opportunity to fly to California and become Chloe’s personal bodyguard and manager, so she can keep an eye on her and protect her.

After the second attempt to Chloe’s life, the TV producer decides to call in reinforcements, and this is where Special Agent Grayson Alexander walks in—working undercover as Lord Harry Halstead, a British actor who’ll star in the soap opera.

Cat and Grayson’s meet-cute is hilarious, and I enjoyed reading about all the misunderstandings and all the little subterfuges (mainly caused by Cat and Chloe being identical and, therefore, sort of interchangeable). Even though at times I wanted to strangle Chloe and Grayson’s grandmother (who pretends to be his manager), I had a smile on my face through most of the book.

The story gets even more interesting when the whole cast moves to Christmas, Colorado, to film the holiday scenes. Characters from the previous books will pop back in, and their role in the story becomes extremely important to help Cat solve the mystery. I enjoyed meeting them again and I particularly enjoyed meeting a new character, Ty—Chloe’s hair-stylist and make-up artist. Saying he was hilarious would be an understatement. I do hope he will be in the future books, because he was the one who made me laugh out loud the most.

I truly enjoyed reading this book and I loved that it was a clean romance. I can assure you the story doesn’t lack chemistry and the characters’ attraction to each other is really strong, but all their sex scenes are behind locked doors and this made me enjoy the book that little bit more.

I could go on an on praising the book, but there’s only one thing I’ll say: if you love clean romance with a little element of mystery, buy the book now. I promise you won’t be disappointed.



Debbie Mason is the bestselling author of the Christmas, Colorado series. Her books have been praised for their "likable characters, clever dialogue and juicy plots" (RT Book Reviews). She also writes historical paranormals as Debbie Mazzuca. Her MacLeod series has received several nominations for best paranormal as well as a Holt Medallion Award of Merit. When she isn't writing or reading, Debbie enjoys spending time with her very own real-life hero, their four wonderful children, an adorable grandbaby, and a yappy Yorkie named Bella.


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