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Blog tour: Snowflake Bay by Donna Kauffmann

The Brides of Blueberry Cove #2
Donna Kauffman
Released Sept 29th, 2015
Kensington: Zebra

There’s no place like seaside Blueberry Cove, Maine, at Christmas—and there’s nothing like a wedding, the warmth of the holidays, and an old crush, to create the perfect new start…
Interior designer Fiona McCrae has left fast-paced Manhattan to move back home to peaceful Blueberry Cove. But she’s barely arrived before she’s hooked into planning her big sister Hannah’s Christmas wedding—in less than seven weeks. The last thing she needs is for her first love, Ben Campbell, to return to neighboring Snowflake Bay…

As kids, Fiona was the bratty little sister Ben mercilessly teased—while pining after Hannah. But Fi never once thought of Ben like a brother. And that hasn’t changed. Except Fi is all grown up. Will Ben notice her now? More importantly, with her life in a jumble, should he? Or might the romance of the occasion, the spirit of the season, and the gifts of time ignite a long-held flame for many Christmases to come…

Something old might just become something new…

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In a way, this could be considered a second chance romance, even though technically it was the heroine who had an unrequited crush on the hero back when they were kids. Fiona used to drool over Ben when she was a teenager, but he only had eyes for her sister and he saw Fiona just like a little sister. 

When they meet again, they're both grown-ups and with their own careers they've worked hard for outside the small town where they grew up. Now that Fiona is back for good and Ben has to look after his family business at least until the holidays are over, being around each other feels different and old feelings come back to the surface, while a new awareness hits Ben square in the face. 

I like second chance romances, especially when they're childhood sweethearts, and the fact that this is set in a small town and at Christmas was a bonus. However, I was hoping to like it just a little bit more than I did. I felt that at times the story dragged a little, with too many internal monologues and "what ifs" moments that seemed a bit repetitive at times. Although I understood the characters' indecisions about their future, both professionally and romantically, I felt that the constant wondering about what would happen once the holidays were over slowed the pace. 

Also, I thought that they got together a little too quickly; whereas just a few pages before they didn't want to get involved with each other, they change their mind pretty fast on that train ride... I guess it's just a pet peeve of mine, but that turned me slightly off. 

What I liked about the book was Fiona's clumsiness, especially when Ben was around. She always managed to do something that would make me laugh, and this made her a very relatable character.
I also liked the small town setting and the camaraderie they all shared.

This is book 2 in the series, but you do not need to read book 1 in order to understand.

USA Today bestselling author of the Cupcake Club Romance series, Donna Kauffman has seen her books reviewed in venues ranging from Kirkus Reviews and Library Journal to Entertainment Weekly and Cosmopolitan. She lives just outside of DC in the lovely Virginia countryside, where she is presently trying to makeover her newly empty nest into something that doesn’t have to accommodate piles of sports equipment falling out of her coat closet (okay, out of every closet...and under every bed....), size 13 cleats and sweaty uniforms cluttering her foyer (and stairwell, and laundry room, and...), and a kitchen that should have come with a traffic light. And a pantry monitor. (Anyone with a clever idea on how to repurpose lacrosse sticks into matching reading lamps, she’s all ears!) When she’s not stripping paint, varnishing an old auction house find, or trying to avoid bodily injury with her latest power tool purchase, she loves to hear from readers!

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