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Blog tour: I Wish You Were Mine by Lauren Layne

Oxford #2
Lauren Layne
Releasing on February 2, 2016

Perfect for fans of Alice Clayton and Emma Chase, Lauren Layne’s Oxford series heats up in this story of forbidden desire as a brooding jock hoping for a comeback falls for a woman who’s strictly off-limits.

A year ago, Jackson Burke was married to the love of his life and playing quarterback for the Texas Redhawks. Now he’s retired, courtesy of the car accident that ruined his career—and single, after a nasty scandal torpedoed his marriage. Just as he’s starting to get used to his new life as a health and fitness columnist for Oxford magazine, his unpredictable ex shows up on his doorstep in Manhattan. Jackson should be thrilled. But he can’t stop thinking about the one person who’s always been there for him, the one girl he could never have: her younger sister.

Mollie Carrington can’t say no to Madison. After all, her older sister practically raised her. So when Madison begs for help in winning her ex-husband back, Mollie’s just glad she got over her own crush on Jackson ages ago—or so she thought. Because as Mollie reconnects with Jackson, she quickly forgets all her reasons to stay loyal to her sister. Tempted by Jackson’s mellow drawl and cowboy good looks, Mollie is sick and tired of coming in second place. But she can’t win if she doesn’t play the game.

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Oxford Book One

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This book surprised me. Having read Cole and Penelope's story in Book One (Irresistibly Yours), I couldn't really envision how the author would manage to include an outsider (Jackson Burke) in the Oxford/Stiletto clique. It turned out better than I expected!

When I realized the hero was the heroine's brother-in-law (ex brother-in-law, but still...) I wasn't sure how this was going to play out. I mean, it sounded all a little awkward and I wasn't sure if I'd like the story after all - I'm personally not a fan of love triangles, and even though Jackson and Madison are divorced by the time he moves to New York and meets up with Mollie, it still felt weird at first.

I liked Mollie and sympathized with her throughout the book for her unrequired love. After the prologue you can't help but feel your heart go out to her, the kid sister who fell in love with her sister's husband. Isn't that heartbreaking? As the story progressed, I liked her a little bit more with every page, and connected with her. 

Madison is a terrible sister and at times I really couldn't understand whether everyone had always been too blind to see her true colors (Jackson included) or maybe she was a wonderful person before and then she changed into this awful, self-absorbed and cheating woman she is now. She got on my last nerve and the thing that drove me crazy was Mollie's loyalty (and may I add, blindness) in spite of her sister's cold behavior. And, honestly, I got a little annoyed at Jackson too, because I couldn't really understand how he could have possibly stayed with that woman for so long, even though he knew she was cheating on him - why didn't he open his eyes sooner and leave her? Why didn't he understand Mollie was the one for him? Then again, if he'd left Madison sooner, there wouldn't have been a story for Lauren Layne to tell, right?

Now, a few words about the hero. Well, at first I wasn't sure how I felt about Jackson and if I'd end up liking him. Even though the reader is privy to his inner turmoil and the reasons why he keeps pushing everyone at the Oxford magazine away, at times he was a little annoying and came across as a stuck up celebrity who doesn't want to get off his throne to be with normal people. He did redeem himself though, and I liked how he slowly became part of the group, how he lowered his walls and let his colleagues into his life. I didn't particularly like the way he acted with Mollie and his new friends toward the end of the book (can't say more, sorry), but then again, without any obstacles on the way, the happy ending wouldn't have felt half as good, would it? 

The book has funny moments (the Oxford/Stiletto teams are hilarious and I wish I could be part of their group), swooning, romantic moments that will make your heart flutter, and sexy moments (that are downright steamy and descriptive, and prudish me could have done without them and still enjoyed the story all the same - but that's just prudish me, like I said). 

If you're a fan of Lauren Layne's books, I have no doubt you will love this book. If you've yet to discover the men of Oxford magazine, you should definitely consider starting now (I would recommend reading Irresistibly Yours first, but you can enjoy I Wish You Were Mine even if you haven't read the previous books, since both characters are new to the Oxford/Stiletto world). 

Lauren Layne is the USA Today Bestselling author of more than a dozen contemporary romance novels.
Prior to becoming an author, Lauren worked in e-commerce and web-marketing. A year after moving from Seattle to NYC to pursue a writing career, she had a fabulous agent and multiple New York publishing deals. 
Lauren currently lives in Manhattan with her husband and plus-sized Pomeranian. When not writing, you'll likely find her running (rarely), reading (sometimes), or at happy hour (often).

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