Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Book review: Worth It All by Claudia Connor

I started and deleted this review a few times already, since everything I wrote seemed just dull. The McKinney Brothers series by Claudia Connor grabbed my heart from the very first page of book one, and with each new book, I’m pulled deeper into this amazing family that I wish I could be part of (namely, by marrying one of these awesome McKinney men), so much so that before reading JT’s story, I went back and re-read book one and two, in a sort of McKinneys marathon.

I loved JT’s story (although I had no doubt I would) and I really wanted to write a great review that would help people understand what they’re missing if they haven’t read it already.

When I love a book, I usually tend to ramble on and on about it, explaining all the things I loved about the book, the parts that made me laugh, the writing style of the author, and stuff like that, which usually end up in a long, wordy review.

Well, with this book I can’t seem to be able to write a proper review because all I feel like saying is: buy this book. Seriously, just trust me and one-click. Why? First of all, because it features the other McKinney brothers from the previous books (and this should be enough for you to stop reading this review and purchase the book) and because this story is one beautiful mix of emotions, romance, just the right amount of steam and some funny interactions between the hero and the heroine’s daughter that won’t fail to bring a smile to your face.

You can read this book even if you haven’t read book one and two, but I’m pretty sure that once you’ve met the McKinneys, you’ll want to go back and meet the other brothers, too.

Even though my heart still belongs to Matt, the handsome Navy SEAL with a heart of gold who starred in book one, Worth The Fall, I was surprised at how much I loved JT, the youngest McKinney and the one that had fewer appearances in the previous book (he briefly showed up in book one, and was only mentioned in book two). After finishing book two, I was really curious to read JT’s story and I adored the way the author crafted his story.

All the McKinney brothers are hot, each in his own way: Matt is the strong, bulky Navy SEAL who falls for a mother of five and all of her kids; Stephen is the handsome, brooding millionaire who thinks he’s not worthy of another person’s love because he’s too broken; then there’s JT, the nerdy, super cute biomedical engineer. Rest assured, ladies, you’re so going to fall in love with the youngest McKinney!

JT went through some personal tragedy 8 years ago, that left him scarred for life and not only in a figuratively way. In the accident that changed his life, he lost the lower half of his leg and he closed himself off to love and to his family. The only McKinney living on the West Coast, JT has used his personal experience to create something that could help other disabled people lead a normal life. 

Paige is a single mother who's worked hard all her life to give her little daughter a better childhood than she had. Between her job as a waitress, her studies and her daughter, she has no time for love - nor does she want it. Until she meets Jake, the handsome biomedical engineer who offers to help her daughter accepting her own prosthesis. 

His brown eyes melted her from across the room and his voice finished her off. The man should be illegal. Just his presence brought life to places inside her body she didn't even know could feel lively.

Get ready to be swept off your feet because, seriously, the interactions between JT and Casey are going to make your heart melt. Especially once JT becomes her own personal hero and she looks up at him for everything. Simply adorable!

In every book in the series there are super adorable kids who interact with the hero, and that make the McKinneys even hotter – because, honestly, is there anything more adorable than a bulky Navy SEAL playing Barbies with a three-year-old? That was one of my favorite scenes in Worth The Fall and it still makes me laugh whenever I read it.

In Worth It All, the interactions with Casey play an extremely important part in the story and in the hero’s growth, but they’re also the sweetest, most heart-warming scenes in all of the books. 

"Oh." Casey's gaze tracked along the table, bouncing from one thing to the next. "Do you like gum?"
"Yes," he answered, going with the whiplash change in topics.
"Do you like squirrels? I like how their tails twitch. Do you have a girlfriend?"
"Casey!" Paige's cheeks heated, and she hated how much she wanted to know the answer. "I'm sorry, she's inquisitive."
"That means I ask a lot of questions, but that's because I need to know stuff." She slipped off his lap to go look at more stuff.

I really loved this book, because even through the tragedy both characters experienced in their own way (and that broke my heart) the beauty of this story was seeing how love healed their scars and helped them believe in themselves to start living again. I loved watching JT fall in love when he'd all but denied himself the possibility to love and be loved. I loved seeing Paige loosen up and start to believe fairytales sometimes can come true. And Casey, well, she was the icing on the cake!
These characters will grab your heart and never let go until the very end. Get ready for a book hangover!

He'd never felt a kiss all the way to his heart.

Seriously, after a sentence like this, why are you still reading this review? Go buy this book now!


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