Friday, June 3, 2016

Book review: It Happened At Christmas by Debbie Mason

Wow! Just another fantastic story in the Christmas, Colorado series by Debbie Mason. This is one of those series I wish could go on and on. I've read Skye and Ethan's story in one day, because I simply couldn't put it down (glad I had a day off and took full advantage). Yes, it's that good! 

Ethan O'Connor starred in the previous books, seeing as in book one he was the town mayor and in book two he went on to pursue a political career as a state senator, and made a brief appearance toward the end.

Skylar Davis (a.k.a. Skye) appeared only briefly in book one, since she was the heroine's best friend and didn't live in Christmas at the time, and she also showed up in book two, where she became the Sugar Plum Cake Fairy (by the way read book two, Christmas In July, if you haven't - it's my favorite in the series).

Ethan and Skye are just like night and day, both politically and personally. Ethan is a conservative Republican, a suit-and-tie ex assistant district attorney who's now concentrating on running for senate. He always does the right thing, acts like the perfect gentleman and hardly ever loses control (except when he's around Skye).

Skye is an animal rights activist, a vegan, and a little crazy at times, but totally spontaneous in her attitude - which caused her a few problems in the past, when she rebelled to a very conservative father who, in a way, reminds her a little of Ethan. 

There's no way they could ever fall in love with each other, right? Uh... wrong.

When they first met in book two, their dislike for each other was as clear as day, and I was really curious to read how the author would bring them together. As it turns out, opposites clearly attract as when the book opens, the reader finds out through Skye and Ethan's reminiscing that they spent a very steamy night together a few weeks before. Although they pretend to hate each other, the memory of that night is still very vivid in their minds. 

Ethan knows Skye is the wrong woman for him, especially since they don't share the same political views and she could threaten to ruin his dream of becoming a senator.

Skye knows Ethan is the wrong man for him, since he reminds her of her own father, who kicked his wife out of his and Skye's life because she was just as "spontaneous" as Skye and destroyed his dream of becoming a politician. 

They both know they can't be each other's happy ending. Too bad one unexpected little surprise is going to bind them for life... Get ready for a fun-filled ride toward a beautiful happy ending! 

I loved following Skye's journey, discovering a little bit more about her past and getting to know the real person, not the spoilt, rich girl everyone else thinks she is. The author's ability to pull you right into the story made me feel like I was right there with her, sharing her insecurities and fears, feeling the attraction she shouldn't be feeling for Ethan, and the pain that followed some tough times toward the end of the book.

Ethan came off as a very likable character from the very first book, and I warmed up even more to him now that he was the center of the story. I liked seeing his loyalty to his family and town, even when his heart wanted something else, and I liked the way he stood up for Skye when other people (his campaign manager and his mother, mainly) went a little too far with their comments. He's the Prince Charming every woman wishes for, and I really liked him (he's pretty adorable when he calls Skye "cupcake"!!).

The small-town community, with their matchmaking skills and camaraderie, plays an important part in the story, just like it does in all the books in the series - and it's one of the reasons why I love this series so much. Lots of funny moments thanks to Skye and Ethan's friends, as well as some romantic, swoon-worthy moments that will warm your heart and leave you smiling in contentment. 

Just like in the other books in the series, the chemistry between the two main characters is pretty much tangible and off-the-charts, but there are no graphic sex scenes - which made me enjoy the book that little bit more. 

If you've read the previous two books, it goes without saying you need to read this one asap (but make sure you do it over the weekend, so you don't have to put it down). If you've yet to discover Debbie Mason's books, this one's a good pick to start the Christmas, Colorado series - although I have no doubt you'll want to go back and read the previous two books, too. 


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