Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Book review: Lured In by Laura Drewry

Another page turner in the Fishing for Trouble series. Laura Drewry gives fishing (and fishermen) a whole new level of sexiness! I loved every minute of this book, I just couldn't put it down. I loved book one but I have to say I ADORED book two!

The latest chapter of this romantic and sexy trilogy set at The Buoys, a fishing lodge on a secluded piece of land surrounded by water and nature, is all about Finn and Jessie, two characters who starred in the previous book as secondary characters.

Finn is the youngest of the O’Donnell brothers, and probably the most troubled one. The boys' mother left the lodge when they were young, and Finn has always been harboring a secret sense of guilt, feeling responsible for their mother’s departure and their father’s behavior that came as a consequence of his broken heart. And this is one of the reasons why he can’t commit, the reason why he’s never wanted to get serious with girls.

Jessie has been working at The Buoys since she was a teenager; she left her own home and family to escape from a difficult home situation caused by the tragic death of her older sister. Since that day, Jess has been scared of even just setting a foot in the water, which is quite inconvenient seeing as she’s been living on a piece of land completely surrounded by water. The O’Donnell brothers know she’s scared of water but none of them has ever dared ask why and they’ve just let her be.

When a famous fishing show is set to come film at The Buoys, Jessie knows she’ll have to face her fears, one way or another. The host, Sam, is a guy Jessie dated for a few months and back then, she might have omitted her crazy fear of water. If she wants to have a chance with Sam, she knows she’ll have to learn to get in the water and on a boat without freaking out.
So when the time comes to find someone who’ll help her with her mission, there’s only one person who can do it: Finn O’Donnell.

And just like that, a tiny wave of calm flowed through her. She’d trust any of those three with her life, but there’d always been something about Finn and that quick wink of his that set her at ease and made her smile back no matter what.

Yup, he was the one. Of course he was.

Finn and Jessie have always been close, ever since she arrived at The Buoys, but their relationship has always been a platonic friendship. But as they spend time alone together to make sure Jessie can get over her fears, something changes…

Finn and Jessie's story is truly amazing. I’ve always loved a good friends-to-lovers story, and this one has the best elements of the trope. I loved the camaraderie and the chemistry between the two, the way they’re always comfortable around each other as if they were family, and how things suddenly change when they realize their true feelings.

Finn made her feel things she’d only read about in books; her heart beat faster, everything inside her seemed to ignite whenever she was anywhere near him, and God help her when they actually touched each other. And that smile… sweet Lord.

I loved seeing how they trusted each other enough to open up and disclose their deepest secrets and fears, knowing without doubt the other person would listen without judgment and would be able to help.

The banter and the funny moments between the two brothers (Liam and Finn together are hilarious!) were the perfect interludes between the romantic moments, and made the book not only romantic and sexy, but also quite entertaining.

When I read book one, I thought Liam was my favorite O'Donnell brother, but after reading Lured In I've changed my mind: The Fish Whisperer is my new book boyfriend! Finn is a tortured hero but at the same time, he’s super cute, loving and even when he thinks he’ll never be able to be what Jessie needs, he can’t bring himself to stay away from her. More than once I wanted to give him a bear hug!

But now, every time she so much as glanced his way, he swore his heart got a little bit bigger, and that made him smile, which made her blush, which made them both smile more. And every time they “accidentally” brushed up against each other—God help him—it was as if she ignited something inside him that burned hotter and longer each time.

Lured In is a gripping romance that will make you swoon, laugh and wish The Buoys really existed. I don't fish but I wouldn't mind spending a week or two there! Fans of Laura Drewry, go grab your copy today and get ready to be swept off your feet by the fish whisperer!


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