Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Book review: Meant To Be by Maggie McGinnis

Wow. Wow. Wow. Can this series get any better? With every new book in this amazing series I find myself wishing harder and harder that Whisper Creek really existed. Maybe if I wish hard enough, it will somehow materialize out of thin air? It's worth a try!

Every time I reach the end of a new book, I think Mrs. McGinnis won’t be able to write anything better. Then a new book comes out and she sweeps me off my feet. Again. And again. And again.

Meant To Be is another page-turner that won’t let go until you reach the end. Mrs. McGinnis made me fall in love with cowboys from the very first book, but an ex-cop turned cowboy? Well, the hotness scale tips dangerously toward love at first sight (or page?). Add the love for country music and the fact that he plays the guitar and, well, I’m a goner.

Cooper Davis was a cop in Boston, but when he did the right thing it all came to bite him, forcing him to leave the department and his family behind. Moving to Montana after randomly picking a place to escape, he only meant to be away for a short period of time, just to clear his head and let waters settle but being a cowboy becomes him. Until the day he’s forced by his boss’s wife to play baby sitter to a celebrity on the run…

When Shelby, aka pop star Tara Gibson, is sent off to Montana after her father dies in a plane crash she just wants to be left alone to grieve away from cameras and paparazzi. The last thing she wants is an overly-friendly neighbor who’s as hot as they make them. Her pop star career is at risk and she can’t afford to be caught hanging out with a cowboy who’s clearly hiding something from her.

But there’s something in the water at Whisper Creek, and Shelby and Cooper won’t be immune.

I love coming back to my favorite ranch and meeting my favorite group of people—not only the handsome cowboys, but also the funny and sassy women who stole their hearts. With every book, I wish a little more that Whisper Creek was a real dude ranch where I could spend a month (or maybe more) and escape the boring reality for a while.
Decker laughed. "I gather Kyla's been by?"
"Just left."
"And you said yes to watching over our VIP guest?"
"Actually, I said no. She has terrible hearing."
"I'm familiar with that problem." Decker rolled his eyes. "You okay with it?"
Hell, no.
"You can say no to her, you know."
"Right. Have you tried that lately?"
Decker laughed. "I didn't say I could do it, but you could."
The thing I love the most about these books is that there is always the perfect combination of romanticism, suspense and chemistry while keeping it clean. Maggie McGinnis books always make your heart race and pull you right into the story, making you root for the characters from the first page. Meant To Be isn’t any different. You can’t help sympathizing with Shelby and even though I was a little biased about a pop star heroine, thinking she’d be a posh and spoiled brat, I immediately liked her. And I liked her even more when she was her real self in Montana.

Cooper, well, he’s dreamy to say the least. He’s tortured and torn, and just utterly adorable. You can’t not fall for him—he’s all touch cop and easy-going cowboy, and there is absolutely no way you won’t fall in love with him. I dare you.
"You—um—you hungry?"
"Actually, yes." She tipped her head like the realization mystified her. "Which is weird, because, how many donuts did I inhale just hours ago?"
"A gentleman wouldn't comment."
She rolled her eyes. "Thank you."
"Three," he said. "I'm not a gentleman."
Witty dialogue, fascinating settings and romantic moments (as well as an adorable piglet!) make Meant To Be one of those books that have given me a book hangover and will stay with me forever. It’s a book you won’t be able to put down, so make sure you have food and water by your side before you start. 
"Oh, boy." She let one finger rub the tiny space between the piglet's ears. "Can we make a deal here? If I promise to follow all of the directions, could you please not die? Please? Because, omigod, I really, really, really can't be responsible for that, okay?"
As if in response, the tiny piglet raised her little snout and made a noise that was halfway between a mouse squeak and a pig snort, and Shelby laughed.
If you’ve enjoyed the previous books in the series, you’re guaranteed to love this. If you’ve yet to discover the cowboys of Whisper Creek, go ahead and pick up Meant To Be anyway. It works as a standalone and I bet it will make you want to go back and read the previous four books as soon as you’ve finished this one. 

"I don't want anything from you, Shelby. Nothing except for you to be free to be yourself. Your real self, not the one the record company created."
"What if I don't even know who that is anymore?"
"Then we figure it out together."

If you like sweet romances with hot cowboys and sassy heroines, you definitely want to read the Whisper Creek books. And this one is perfect for fans of country music, too!


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