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Welcome to my dream world! If you have a passion for all things books and/or writing, this is the place for you! I started my first Wordpress blog in 2012 just a few months away from the release of my debut novel, because I wanted to spread the word about my works. 
But since entering the indie world, the thing I have enjoyed the most is the support indie authors give one another so I've decided to turn what was supposed to be a blog about me into a blog aimed to help other indie authors promote their works.
This is why I've decided to create a separate blog where I will blog about my books only. Check it out: http://robertacapizziauthor.wordpress.com

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After Wordpress decided to suspend my beautiful blog because they didn't like a book tour post I'd published (I'm still trying to understand what was wrong with it...) I've opened this new blog with Blogger but since I'm not familiar with the platform, please bear with me until I get the hang of things and can make it look better. 

All contributions to make this blog better are very welcome! :-)


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